Disciple Bible Study

Disciple I Class
Beginning in August 5 , a Disciple I class will be offered on Monday nights from 6:00 – 7:15 p.m. This course will be the Disciple One survey of the Old and New Testaments. The course lasts 24 weeks and will be led by veteran teachers Catherine Hanson and Robin Orewiler.  Each weekly class is build around daily readings, a brief video, and small and large group discussions. The Disciple Bible Study program is an excellent way to learn about our holy scripture. If you are interested in participating, contact the church office.

About the Disciple Bible Study:
The DISCIPLE Bible Study program is designed to develop strong local churches through the in-depth study of Scripture.  Through DISCIPLE, persons are strengthened in their faith and guided into service and ministry.  DISCIPLE Bible Study can help transform a church into a biblically nourished congregation that nurtures and encourages people to live as disciples of Christ.