Adult Education

Sunday classes meet from 9:45 – 10:45 a.m.

Crossroads Class – The Crossroads Class is a discussion-based book study that is led by George Gephardt. In January, this class will read Patterns of Evidence: A Filmmaker’s Journey by Timothy P. Mahoney and watch the corresponding documentary. This book looks at a filmmaker’s 12-year journey to see if the Exodus account in the Bible is historically accurate. If you enjoy lively discussions about religion, this class is for you! They meet in the library

Faith Builders Class – The Faith Builders are an inter-generational discussion-based book study group facilitated by several members. In 2020, the Faith Builders will study Who’s Bible Is It by Jaroslav Pelikan. This small group will examine how the Bible came to be, who the Bible was written for, and how the Bible has been used by various cultures throughout history. This is our best class for adults in their 30s and 40s.

Spiritual Gifts – This brand new Sunday School offering will be led by Jim Stueck. This class will be a discussion-based class which examines spiritual gifts and talks about what gifts God has given each of us and how we might use those gifts in our daily lives.

Westminster Class – Led by Wayne Patton, the Westminster Class is a traditional lecture-based Bible Study which examines scripture and articulates how it has been received by theologians throughout history. This class serves as a supplement to Presbyterian Quarterly Devotionals and includes optional daily Bible readings. They meet in the back of the sanctuary.

The Women’s Bible Study Class
– Our women’s Bible study is led by Nancy Boyd. This discussion-based class will complete a curriculum titled: Go Tell It On the Mountain: Stories of Early American Hymns by the popular publisher She Reads Truth. In this class, the group will look at hymns that were foundational to America and the stories and theology behind their creation. This class meets in the Session Room.