Sanctuary Cross

This cross is an original piece of art by Bill Heaton, one of America’s foremost artists.  Heaton worked in metals and devised a new method of fashioning wall sculptures in a spectrum of hues.  He used a large sheet of copper, brass, or aluminum and decorated the metal with hand-cut pieces of gold, silver, brass, steel, or lead that were then heated from underneath with a blowtorch.  Then Heaton painted the work with a combination of chemicals to make a mural.  The result was a shimmering surface of blues, greens, and reds.

Mrs. William Regen of Lebanon saw some of Heaton’s work and commissioned a cross for the sanctuary of the First Presbyterian Church.  This work is called “I am the vine” from Jesus’ words in John: 15.  On close inspection of the cross, the intricate pattern of vines can be seen woven among each other.  This piece was given to First Presbyterian Church in 1965.